Test Post 1

Good morning. Purple finches have come to our bird feeder lately, eating after the cardinals have had their fill and before the red-winged blackbirds arrive. They whomp on the sunflower seeds and I feel as I do when I’ve served something to the children that they particularly like, as if I’ve achieved something, if only by chance.
Dutch babies, eggy batter poured into a hot pan filled with butter, are an example of that. They’re served either sweet (as in this caramel apple version) or savory (with bacon and runny Camembert). It’s a fulfilling magic trick, to serve Dutch babies. Watch them disappear!
Today, I’m excited to make Yewande Komolafe’s new recipe for a goat cheese and dill Dutch baby (above), topped with crunchy watercress and dressed with drizzles of honey and lemon juice. You could try it for brunch, I suppose, but I’m thinking of it for a dinner service before an early bedtime. Wimbledon begins tomorrow at 6 a.m., Eastern time!